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The apps are free of charge. The data are with costs and can be ordered on the product page. The order page is also includet in the android app. So you can order the data directly inside the app. For iOS you have to order the actual data in the browser.

If you ordered app data, you have also access to the browser version. This is usefull for people. who receive Geo-wind on the smartphone, when they are on sea and have on land access to the internet on a pc.

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App Userinterface

The app version has a user interface, which is optimized for touchscreens and very small screens of smartphones.



If you touch a button on the left, the hidden buttons , which you see on the rigth picture, become visible.

Very large Screen

Comparing app and browser version

Geo-wind as App has the advantage, that Geo-wind is available on all mobile Devices , also on IOS, which does not support the Flashplayer.

Geo-wind apps have the advantage, that you can better controll the filesize under conditions with restricted transfer rates.

All the application code is saved on the device in the app version, which in the browser version has to be transferred over the net each time, you start geo-wind.

The browser version has more animations, like falling rain and snow and animated arrows also for waves, which are not possible under resticted memory -and cpu conditions on mobile devices. Restricted memory does also not allow different cloudtypes in apps.